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After 35 years, we've seen it all-from highly detailed CAD drawings to a rough sketch on the back of a cocktail napkin. Powerful ideas can occur anytime, anywhere. And Tran-Tec can help turn yours into reality.

Since 1971, we've been helping design engineers, product developers and electronics manufacturers transform concepts into components, prototypes into products, problems into solutions.

Tran-Tec takes the heat off you by providing:

Small to mid-sized runs We specialize in the quantities that larger companies can't or won't touch. Your are assured of outstanding quality, accuracy, consistency and economy-without compromise.

Affordable prototyping Have an idea but need some help giving it shape? Our experienced engineers will recommend money-saving solutions and share concepts that can accelerate product development. And with our in-house machining capability, we can create your prototype quickly and affordably.

In-stock Inventory We carry a large inventory of extrusions-from the ordinary to the hard to find. That means faster turnaround and the ability to adapt existing extrusions to meet your specifications-and your timeline.

Custom designs From heat sinks to extrusions, from unusual materials to what-if configurations and special machining requirements-Tran-Tec is your first resource for creating something that's never been done before.

Give us a shot at quoting your next project. You'll quickly discover that Tran-Tec provides responsive service, sound advice, unmatched quality, quick turnaround and a very competitive price.

And that takes some serious heat off you-and your budget.