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At Sonic Systems, Inc. (SSI), Quality, and Innovation are the principles we founded our business on and remain dedicated to today. For over 30 years we have been an innovator in the field of Ultrasonic technology. We specialize in satisfying industries whose job and product success depend on highly efficient, cost-effective cleaning methods. We back our uncompromising standards with a strong commitment to the innovation, development and production of total, superior ultrasonic cleaning systems. SSI is a recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of Ultrasonic cleaning systems and components for a broad range of applications in the aerospace, electronics, industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, and government markets.

SSI offers a comprehensive line of ultrasonic cleaning equipment - all of which is engineered and fabricated in-house to assure complete quality control. Products range from manual to fully automated systems. SSI offers a full line of standard equipment, as well as specifically designed custom packages. Standard equipment includes ultrasonic cleaning units used in the hospital and healthcare environment, small benchtop cleaners to large capacity tanks for industrial applications, and submersible type ultrasonic transducers which can be added to existing vessels or used in large scale arrangements. SSI also supplies complete units and/or components from its standard line on an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) basis to companies for private labeling or to be utilized as a component of a larger system.

At SSI customizing systems to meet the needs of our customers is our specialty. In fact, we stand out from the competition because we adapt our systems to your unique and exacting performance requirements.

Today, more than ever, a company's success depends on it's ability to adapt to change. While it must not abandon it's core strengths which enabled it to reach this point, there is a need to keep pace with ever-changing technologies and a growing list of applications. At Sonic Systems we are poised to continue to innovate and adapt to changes in technology as we move forward into the 21st Century.

Customer Service and Support - Call Us Toll-Free

Meeting your requirements means understanding your needs. Our toll-free number is backed up by a friendly and knowledgeable staff who can help you to define your project goals and create effective solutions. For information, literature, technical support, quotation, or other help, contact our sales department at 1-800-44-SONIC (800-447-6642)